Our Goal: Is to facilitate the best care possible for individuals with intellectual disabilities by matching them with just the right Support Staff who are trained to reinforce independence, self-reliance, self-esteem and to help enhance their quality of life and freedoms. Coordinating quality and safe housing typical of others in the community without disabilities, keeping individuals informed of community events, programs, and other activities for their enrichment. To the best of our abilities to personally know and understand each individual and to listen to them with love and respect and to help them achieve their life goals!

Our philosophy:Is that individuals with intellectual challenges have a right to choose to live in a home of their own and of their choosing and with whom they choose and enjoy, having control over what happens in their home and feel safe and accepted, to have their individual cultural, ethnic and religious preferences honored and supported. It goes beyond just meeting their needs, to reaching a rich quality of life. Their housing is separate from their services so if the service provider changes, and they would not have to move.