The Coordinator at TLC Supported Living Services, Britni Chadwick is a passionate advocate for her clients. Britni plays an important role for each individual at TLC. Her experience managing and living in a group home comprised of 6 women with developmental disabilities for 9 years from an early age forged a path for her providing high quality services.

It is important for clients and their families to have confidence in the supported living agency and their representatives, and that is one of Britni’s many strengths she brings to each clients planning team. Because of Britni’s history living alongside 6 women in the group home, she has multiple areas of experience from hiring caregivers, training staff/caregivers, regulation compliance, San Diego Regional Center Services, Managerial roles, community social/recreational activities, emotional support, and most importantly… A strong understanding of all that is required to provide a safe and loving home for those with developmental/intellectual disabilities.

Britni was born in Poway and raised in Ramona and Rancho Bernardo. At the age of 3, her mother was in a car accident and suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as ” TBI”. Her mother’s injuries caused what is referred to as Retrograde Amnesia, a condition in which the brain blocks out memories prior to the incident causing injury (often depicted in soap operas). In addition to her mother’s Amnesia, Britni’s mother was left with vision impairments and is legally blind. In order to safely navigate around while outside the home, her mother uses a cane to assist her with obstacles that are obstructed from her vision.

Having such an early understanding of disabilities and witnessing her mother’s courageous recovery overcoming obstacles, defying the odds, and adapting to her environment provided Britni with instinctual and sincere characteristics forging a path for her to passionately serve each and every individual she has the honor to serve.