Many support teams prefer to research and select their Supported Living Services vendor on their own. Other times they are given names of vendors from their San Diego Regional Center Service Coordinator. Both methods work, but you need to make sure your Service Coordinator is notified that you are looking into Supported Living Services, they may refer you to a Parent Information Meeting as well.

Once you have selected TLC as your Supported Living Services agency, we receive a collateral package from the Regional Center with all of the information regarding the individual who will be receiving services. We assess the individual using the Getting to Know You Planning For Services in Supported Living, and Summing it All Up Workbook, in the CIRCL Supported Living Toolbox. This assessment prioritizes and lists what is important to the individual. It will reflect what is important to them. It will teach us what the participant wants. We also provide the support team with a questionnaire to better help us in our assessment process. An assessment is a critical part in developing the Individual Service Plan, most often referred to as the ISP. The Assessment is a collective of detailed pertinent information regarding the individual who will be receiving services. Aspects include where they are now, family relationships, work/day program participation, social/recreational involvement, health and medical, behavioral supports, communication, domestic supports, and safety to name a few.

Once the Assessment is completed and submitted, TLC begins the Individual Service Plan – From the assessment the Individual Support Plan (ISP) will be created through a person-centered planning process with the Personal Support Team including the San Diego Regional Center Service Coordinator. Within 30 days of the completion of the initial assessment and at least annually there after. TLC’s Director and Coordinator will complete the ISP and send it to the Service coordinator and the participants family/conservator.

The Assessments are used in the ISP process. Support plans often offer a wide range of services and supports based on the participant’s wants and needs. The ISP is expected to change over time as the individual’s needs and desires change. The service plan, services and supports should remain responsive to the participant. TLC Supported Living Staff will provide training to the participant to increase their abilities, confidence and quality of life in their community. The key part of the process is to match the participant with TLC Supported Living Services support staff members that will be the right fit and that will allow the participant to have more control over their life including where they live, how their support is provided and who they live with. We will also support each participant in making major and minor decisions related to their own lives guided by 30 years of combined experience.

ISP’s are reviewed on a quarterly basis. The ISP is reviewed with the support team to ensure the goals are appropriate and it will be updated with an addendum to the ISP with any new or revised goals. A annual ISP meeting is done to make any new or revised goals. The goal is for the participant to continue to live in their home as their needs change.