TLC Supported Living Services understands the importance of employing staff with a high degree of understanding and commitment to the principles of supported living with over 30 years of combined experience in hiring competent, compassionate, and reliable caregivers.

Our resident caregivers are hand picked for compatibility and trained to meet the needs of the individual they care for.

Spending time to get to know the person they are potentially going to live with is an important part of the process to ensure success. The individual receiving services and their circle of support all play a role in selecting the right support staff.

Resident caregivers are trained by TLC Supported Living Services along with the family and professionals who know the individual receiving services. Participation from the support team fosters collaboration from everyone involved creating a circle of support that works together with open communication.

Supported living resident caregivers help individuals exercise meaningful choice and control in their daily lives, with nurturing relationships, membership in the community, and support towards long-range personal goals. TLC’s goal through its Supported Living Services is to support each individual to establish and maintain a safe, stable, and fulfilling life with tailored supports unique to them.

Specific services provided by support staff/resident caregivers include a wide range of support needs, assistance is tailored to the individual’s level of needs including but not limited to;

  • Autonomy and Learning to Live Independently
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Meal Preparation
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • IPP Goal Support
  • Hygiene
  • Safety
  • Social/Recreational Participation
  • Vocational
  • Health and Medical Needs

Each individuals support staff are there to encourage and bring out each persons talents and assist them in leading a meaningful life becoming part of the circle of support.

All TLC Supported Living staff will be screened for Criminal record clearance, DMV report for good driving record. TLC SLS will not hire staff with a criminal history.

Staff is actively encouraged to further develop their knowledge and professional skills through self-study, in-service education and outside training. Participation in outside training is required of all staff and shall be no less than 8 hours per calendar year for managerial staff and 6 hours per calendar year for support staff.

TLC will provide paid time off to attend conferences (such as People First), support groups, take online courses; enroll in continuing education classes and classes offered by the San Diego Regional Center. Emphasis will be placed on the philosophy of Supported Living, use of community resources, participant safety and emergency procedures.

CPR and First Aid training is required of all staff. Staff shall retrain as required to maintain certification.

Topics to be considered will include the following:

  • Supported Living overview of the concepts of independent living” and the methods and experiences of agencies providing similar living situations. Development in theory and practices of Supported Living Services.
  • Assessment and evaluation training in the assessment of skills, the identification of individual interests, and the evaluation of outcomes.
  • Community integration overview of contemporary practices in community integration with particular emphasis on the practical analysis and utilization of local opportunities to maximize a participant’s social and physical integration.
  • Staff meetings to identify challenges in service delivery and methods to deal with them.
  • Annual review of program effectiveness procedures.